Pepe 31 years old: in what situation can man endure the longest?

Each one of us has its inconveniences. Even the most just and gentle of humans have their troubles. These things may seem small, but they are like the rudder of a ship that can cause severe confrontations and sink a relationship.

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I could give you a longer list, but the text would be extended. The behaviors I mentioned are very common. The saddest thing is that most of the people who fall into them, have mediocre partner relationships and it does not occur to them why that is.

Do you have a toxic partner?

To play the game This is my space, you need a long string and chalk of different colors, red, blue, and green, or any other color that you like. Physical space is also necessary to write on the floor with the chalk and draw the circles.

My ways of giving pleasure are sublime, you will not be able to forget them

Hold me gently and hold me tight if you don't want to lose me from your fingers. Fables are always and in all circumstances better if they are lived than if they are read and only lived once.

Sweet, affectionate, very morbid

We believe that being thin and beautiful (we usually relate one thing to the other) will make us happy, and that this will help us solve the rest of our problems. Has no sense. At least I hope he doesn't have it.

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