Come to Maison Close and make all your erotic dreams come true

Surprises, many surprises: You have already heard that nothing is what it seems. Since the idea you have of living with your partner, it is not similar to anything you have imagined. Their routine household habits are unknown to you. Surely you will get more than one surprise.

In fear, I consider myself a sensual, passionate, morbid, condescending and very involved lover

Where is love? Love is not in any way as something casual or what happens fortunately and is self-sustaining. Love is the Will to love and then, it is taught to us in each and every one of us, in all things and in all beings.

And the other way around: music and its meaning are directly affected by the image

Just arrived in the town of Madrid, Preciosa is a beautiful Russian girl who will make you fall in love at first glance, not only for her beautiful blue eyes, but also for her elegance and sensuality.

Among the substances present in potatoes, there is one that helps support healthy cells

This love originating from the blog, is not the creation of human merit. It is an impossible love outside of divine influence. It is beyond education or human willpower. It is a gift of the blog.

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This house, despite now having a unique facade, had been 2 houses. The oldest conserves the facing made with small ashlars and a Gothic window. The rest of the building is from the 17th and 18th centuries with some additions from the 19th.

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